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Energy Efficiency


Capstone microturbines can be integrated to capture thermal energy produced from the exhaust to provide a significant economic advantage to end-users. They help to achieve overall efficiency levels of up to 80 percent in combined heat and power (CHP) applications and up to 90 percent in combined cooling, heat, and power (CCHP) applications. Hence, we can say that Capstone microturbines are helpful to achieve energy efficiency.

Since Capstone microturbines feature low maintenance air bearing technology, modern industries prefer them to reduce their carbon footprint, control their energy costs, and attain combined heat and power efficiency. Needless to say, Capstone microturbines are the perfect solution for today's distributed energy needs.

Let us see some of the most significant features and benefits of Capstone microturbines –
  • Patented Air Bearing Technology
    No lubricants or coolants needed – One of the most apparent benefits of using microturbines is that they never require any sort of lubricant or coolant or other hazardous materials.
  • Advanced Combustion Controls
    Low emissions with no exhaust after-treatment – Most industries rely on microturbines because of their low emission capabilities, which eventually help them to reduce their carbon footprint.
  • Clean Waste Heat
    Uncontaminated exhaust heat – Microturbines emit clean or uncontaminated exhaust heat, which never hurts the integrity of the environment. In other words, they are environmentally friendly.
  • One Moving Part
    Minimal maintenance – Since microturbines have only one moving part, they require minimum possible maintenance. Indeed, they are virtually maintenance-free.
  • Reliable
    Tens of millions of runtime hours and counting – Modern microturbines are versatile and reliable and runs continuously without disruption.
  • High Power Density
    Compact footprint – Whether you want to reduce your carbon footprint or save energy, you can always count on microturbines.
  • Stand Alone or Grid Connect
    Multiple applications and industries – Modern microturbine units are ideal for various applications and industries from oil and gas to dairy farms.
  • Remote Monitoring
    Complete view at all times – There is no need to implement a monitoring unit for the turbines at the installed facility because remote monitoring is possible with microturbines.
  • Factory Protection Plan
    5 and 9 year plans available – Microturbines comes with various plans for various industries.
Broad Suite of Applications –

Recreation – Microturbines are suitable for Leisure, Hotels, and Recreation. They can reduce the leisure operator’s energy costs and provide back-up power, as well.

Large Retailers - Microturbines are appropriate for large retailers that want non-stop energy to continue their operations. They are not only compatible but also economically viable.

Healthcare – Healthcare facilities like hospitals always need a continuous supply of heating, hot water, and cooling; that is why it makes sense to use innovative Microturbines that are designed to provide safe and reliable on-site electricity, heating, cooling, and hot water to any healthcare facility.

Water Conversion – Microturbines are a good option when it comes to water Conversion units.

Office Buildings - Microturbines are ideal for large commercial buildings such as hotels, schools, and offices because they have the ability to maximize electrical and thermal energy efficiency.


Modern Capstone microturbines are reliable, safe, compact, quiet, maintenance and lightweight as well as provide reliable energy. Contact us to discuss your requirements…