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  • Oil, Gas & Other Natural Resources

    Capstone microturbines have the ability to empower the entire oil and gas industry that is why more and oil and gas industries are embracing Capstone microturbines. Capstone microturbines are low maintenance and highly efficient. They provide clean and green as well as highly versatile turbines. They are currently used in all phases of oil production, such as–
  • Energy Efficiency

    Capstone microturbines can be integrated to capture thermal energy produced from the exhaust to provide a significant economic advantage to end-users. They help to achieve overall efficiency levels of up to 80 percent in combined heat and power (CHP) applications and up to 90 percent in combined cooling, heat, and power (CCHP) applications. Hence, we can say that Capstone microturbines are helpful to achieve energy efficiency.
  • Critical Power Supply

    Traditional backup generation sets are often considered only as idle assets and can be unreliable when you need them the most. Mission-critical facilities require a power generation solution that is more reliable and efficient than what a typical utility can provide.
  • Smart City

    According to Frost and Sullivan report, 60% of the world’s population is expected to live in urban environments by 2025. It is expected that around 26 global cities and more than 90 sustainable cities will develop, which leads to the vast consumption of the world’s resources.

    (CCHP), or trigeneration is the most economical and sound way to generate electricity
  • Heat Pump

    Heat Pump represents the system that ‘pump’ or move heat from one place to another

    Evaporative cooling technology from Cool-air is ideal for climates like India, as it cools air naturally, effectively

    Waste to Energy (WTE), is a term that is used to describe various technologies
  • Projects Installation

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  • Transportation

    We all know that we have entered into the era of electric vehicles and Capstone microturbines are used in these vehicle applications as a range extender. They act as an onboard battery charger, which is quite beneficial as well. Capstone microturbines in electric vehicles help to