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Critical Power Supply


Traditional backup generation sets are often considered only as idle assets and can be unreliable when you need them the most. Mission critical facilities require a power generation solution that is more reliable and efficient than what a typical utility can provide. Capstone’s critical power supply portfolio features the world’s only microturbine-powered Uninterruptible Power Source (UPS) solution that delivers the reliability and performance critical facilities require. When operating in “Dual Mode”, Capstone microturbines can easily transition from continuous power mode to standby power mode.


  • Patented Air Bearing Technology
    No lubricants or coolants needed
  • Advanced Combustion Controls
    Low emissions with no exhaust aftertreatment
  • Clean Waste Heat
    Uncontaminated exhaust heat
  • One Moving Part
    Minimal maintenance
  • Reliable
    Tens of millions of runtime hours and counting
  • High Power Density
    Compact footprint
  • Stand Alone or Grid Connect
    Multiple applications and industries
  • Remote Monitoring
    Complete view at all times
  • Factory Protection Plan
    5 and 9 year plans available


  • Data Centers
  • Telecom
  • Power Rental
  • Hospitals/Medical Centers