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Capstone Microturbines

Capstone Microturbines

Are you looking for clean-and-green microturbines for your industrial units or any other applications? Look no further. We provide a wide range of highly powerful and efficient clean-and-green microturbines for various applications. Our microturbines are innovative and advanced and can operate on a variety of gaseous or liquid fuels including:

Natural Gas
Associated Gas
LPG/Propane gas
Flare Gas
Landfill Gas
Digester Gas
Diesel, etc.

Achieve Excellent Energy Efficiency

This versatility and flexibility make them an ideal solution for a wide range of industrial applications. We offer low-maintenance, efficient, substantial, reliable (no vibrations, no noise), safe, environmentally beneficial, and versatile Capstone microturbines that can work in a non-stop manner and empower your unit.

You can rely on our microturbine generators because they help you to achieve –

Excellent energy efficiency
Limit greenhouse gas emissions in a seamless way
Can meet strict emission regulations

Indeed, you can expect combined heat and power efficiency up to 90%, reduced fuel cost as well as better efficiency. Get ready to reduce your overall carbon footprint…