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Pureti - Nano Coating Technology


Pureti, a product to bring revolution in the cleaning & coating technology. These water-based, light activated products are meant to perform self-cleaning and air purification. An instant result oriented indoor application makes you inhale pure air every time you breathe. It is not just a product, it is magic! An extensive research on the characteristics of titanium dioxide (Ti02) since the early part of the 20th century has made us commercialize this photo-catalyst. Our American associate’s research & commendable efforts materialized the use of photo-catalytic reaction by exploiting the natural & relentless resource i.e. light through our routine cleaning activities by application of Pureti products containing water & Tio2. We offer this simple application product which has great durability. Now no regular hassles of cleaning glass windows, glass doors & panels once applied, it remarkably; reduces the manpower & usage of water as the product comes with the benefit of self-cleaning.

Pureti has developed a variety of products with the specific application areas with the categorization of various substrates. With the great developments we are climbing the ladder of success but on the other side, we are becoming ignorant towards our prime responsibility of caring for our mother nature. In this era of high technology, we offer this simple solution to be healthy without any use of chemicals & detergents.

As compared to outdoors, the indoor air quality contains various detrimental factors which cannot be sensed but they are prone to produce hazardous fatal ailments affect our respiratory system. Pureti rightly acts upon such factors as VOC, TVOC, Formaldehydes, Particulate matters & air born particles. It oxidizes the air killing all these components at the molecular level. This indeed reduces the risk factors & keeps you healthy.

Now it’s time to embrace the technologies which take cares of you & your family. Be well, breathe well.