Oil and Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC), India’s renowned multinational oil & Gas Company. ONGC generates an ample amount of Flare Gas which has been taken care of due to its composition, the utilization of “Flare Gas” to clean power is possible using Capstone Microturbines. The main initiative taken by the government is the commitment to renewable energy and green power generation, thereby taking a step towards reducing the carbon footprint.

Flare gas refers to the gases that are disposed of and flared into the atmosphere. Flare gas could contain sulfide and different contaminants like H2S, and hence must be treated before being released into the atmosphere. Owing to the fact that flare gas emissions are predominantly toxic and corrosive, they can contribute to the formation of acid rain.

Capstone Microturbine, at Mehsana, generate 65Kw uninterrupted clean power and own the capability to operate both remotely and in a continuum without the need of any specific attention. Additionally, the ease of operation and the maintenance capabilities makes them stand out of the queue.
Since Microturbines works on patented air bearing technology, it does not necessitate the need for intensive components like a lube (Oil, Grease, etc.) or Coolant (water).

M/S Brio Energy Private Limited has environment sensitivity and customer delight as its prime focus. Keeping in view our vision, we partnered with Capstone Turbine Corporation, USA. BEPL, Exclusive distributors of Capstone Microturbine in India, supplied, installed, and successfully commissioned Microturbine in October 2018. This is now running successfully and generating power of 65Kw. All this power is used in the plant to operate pumps, blowers, and other machinery.

If flares are not operated properly, they might emit methane and other volatile organic compounds, along with sulfur dioxide & other sulfur compounds, which on the other hand are known to exacerbate asthma and other respiratory problems. Gas Flaring also affects wildlife by attracting birds and insects near the flame. The cutting-edge unique application of Capstone Microturbines can be effectively utilized to operate the flare gas, as it not only aids the generation of uninterrupted clean power but is also efficient in saving the environment.