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Latex and Rubber Industry


Electrical Heating replaced with Heat Pump In a study of Heating System for Leaching Tank, it is observed that it is heated using Electrical Heating. Brio Energy studied the application and designed a sustainable Energy Efficient Solution using ‘CoolHeat’.Brio ‘CoolHeat’ is a more energy-efficient method to heat water than a typical Resistance Element Heater. In fact, a ‘CoolHeat’ can be up to three to four times more efficient – for every kWh of electricity supplied to ‘CoolHeat’. It dramatically reduces electricity consumption and cut operating costs by its energy saving


* Assuming Electricity cost as Rs. 7/- per Unit for industrial application. Savings will vary depending on the

Savings: Rs. 273/- Per day i.e. Rs. 98,280/- per Year
machine parameters and Electrical Unit Cost.