M/s B. G. Chitale Dairy is one of the pioneers leading private dairy in India. It is one of the oldest (79 years old) and most trusted dairy in India. They supply and process more than 7 lacs litters of milk and milk products every day, spread across an area of more than 32 acres in a small place called Bhilawdi near Sangli (Maharashtra), The dairy has an ETP plant of 1 MLD where they treat the effluent and the wash water coming from the processing units. In the process of ETP treatment a good amount of sour biogas of 50-55 m3/hr is generated which was earlier used for power generation post scrubbing the H2S content using the engine.

Brio Energy Pvt Ltd. Proposed a solution with a Capstone Microturbine initially starting with a single C65 model. The Microturbine handles the H2S content up to 0.5 % (5,000 ppm) generated in the biogas without any need of scrubbing and gives an average output of 50 to 56 kW/hr at 33 to 35 deg. C for 24 hrs with no enrichment of gas needed and a biogas utilization of 22 m3/hr to 27 m3/hr only. It saved them on the space required, scrubber cost, and more fuel to electricity output. to increase the biogas pressure from atmospheric to 5.5 Bar to inject to Microturbine, an efficient screw compressor is used from Adicomp – Italy. The customer plans for additional heat recovery from the exhaust of the Microturbine for hot water generation which shall be used for Anaerobic, Digester heating to yield out more biogas.