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CCHP/Trigeneration & Cogeneration

Combined Cooling, Heat and Power (CCHP), or trigeneration is the most economical and sound way to generate electricity, heat, and cooling, making it the ideal solution. The aim of trigeneration is to help industrial customers to save money.

Benefits of trigeneration –
  • Improves efficiency & productivity
  • Reduce carbon emissions
  • Environmentally friendly (No harmful chemical pollutants)
  • Greater efficiency
  • Used as a backup power system
  • Reduced extra energy and fuel costs

That is why more and more industrial units prefer this technology.

Application of Trigeneration –

Today, not only industrial units, but also data centers and commercial units use trigeneration.
Some of the applications are -

  • Universities
  • Hospitals
  • Large Commercial Buildings
  • Factories
Process of Trigeneration -

The turbine produces electricity and heat. This exhaust heat is transported to the absorption chiller that uses it to produce cooling energy. The results are chilled water and/or hot water for air conditioning. The ratio of the electricity produced to the exhaust heat for the absorption chiller can be varied to meet specific requirements. (Did you know? A variety of different fuels can be used to facilitate cogeneration.)

So, if you want to reduce your carbon footprint, save money, and improve your core competency, choose Trigeneration/CCHP…

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