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Latex and Rubber Industry

Electrical Heating replaced with Heat Pump In a study of Heating System for Leaching Tank, it is observed that it is heated using Electrical Heating.

Brio Energy studied the application and designed sustainable Energy Efficient Solution using ‘CoolHeat’.

Brio ‘CoolHeat’ is a more energy-efficient method to heat water than a typical Resistance Element Heater. In fact, a ‘CoolHeat’ can be up to three to four times more efficient – for every kWh of electricity supplied to ‘CoolHeat’. It dramatically reduces electricity consumption and cut operating costs by its energy saving

* Assuming Electricity cost as Rs. 7/- per Unit for industrial application. Savings will vary depending on the

Savings : Rs. 273/- Per day i.e. Rs. 98,280/- per Year
machine parameters and Electrical Unit Cost.