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Auto Component Industry

Energy Saving for Auto Component Industry

Hot Water System for Industrial Component Cleaning Machines.

For every engineering component manufacturing units, as per the ASTM B322 standard guidelines, any Surface Treatment is particularly sensitive to part cleanliness. The molecular layers of oil can affect adhesion of the coating. In this process, hot water with light alkaline detergent is used along with hot water for cleaning and then then surface is thoroughly rinsed. Hydrophobic contaminants such as oils cause the water to bead and break up, allowing the water to drain rapidly.

For this process the water based cleaning solution is used and it is required to be maintained at 50-55˚C temperature. The conventional machines are provided with Electrical Heaters of 20-40 KW capacity depending on the tank holding capacity.

BEPL studied the process and identified the energy potential. BEPL did pilot project at one of their plant and suggested Heat Pump Solution for Heating with considerable saving on power consumption.

Typical Component Cleaning Machines Before and After

Comparison :

Savings : Rs. 836/- Per day           i.e. Rs. 3,00,000/- per Year.

Assured Savings up to 52 %