About Brio Energy

About BRIO Energy

BRIO Energy is one of the upcoming companies in Renewable Energy sector. We were established in December 2010, and are taking successful steps in the sector of Solar PV, Solar thermal and Hybrid systems for generating green energy from sun and wind.

We are the sister concern of BRIO Pharma Technologies Pvt. Ltd., one of the leading faces for building Indian Pharmaceutical Industry, having alliances with leading international pharmaceutical machinery manufacturing companies.

BRIO group of companies are involved in marketing, installation and after sales service of a variety of machinery required in the Pharmaceutical, Food & Beverage and FMCG sectors, which include processing and packaging solutions. Now we are entering the Solar & Wind Energy sector with the BRIO Energy identity. Controlling the emission of greenhouse gases is a global requirement and we have put our foot forward in this direction by getting into the Solar & Wind energy sector.

We are equipped to provide entire EPC solutions for installation of Solar Power Plants, BIPV solutions, Solar Water Heating systems, Solar Street Lights, Solar Home Lighting solutions, etc. We, along with our European partner, provide Solar Thermal concentrating systems for meeting industrial steam and refrigeration requirements. We also provide solar BIPV systems (Building Integrated Photovoltaic Systems) for electricity generation, in collaboration with our Korean partner.

Our Mission

Create awareness about the benefits of solar & wind energy and make it within everybody's reach by designing, developing, manufacturing and marketing of solar and wind energy based products under stringent quality standards and following modern manufacturing practices.